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L/AVENUE Condos: Easy access to Montreal’s Underground City

L/AVENUE Condos: Easy access to Montreal’s Underground City

Located in the heart of downtown on Avenue-des-Canadiens right across from the Bell Centre, L/Avenue Condos in Montreal is also just a few steps from Lucien L'Allier Metro Station. This proximity to Montreal's Metro system provides L/Avenue residents with quick and easy access to the whole city, including Montreal's world renowned Underground City.

Montreal's Underground City or “La Ville Souterraine" (officially called the RÉSO) consists of interconnected complexes, both above and below ground, connected by a pedestrian network of over 30 km beneath downtown Montreal. The formation of this underground network was the natural and organic result of the development of Montreal's Metro system. Also known as the indoor city (Ville Intérieure), it is the largest underground complex in the world.

During the summer months, when it is too hot or humid, or during the winter months, when the frigid cold, snow, and ice invade the city, Montreal's Underground City provides the perfect place to get away from it all. In fact, some 500,000 people use the RÉSO every day.

Connected areas and complexes include:

  • 35% of all downtown commercial spaces, including shopping malls such as the Eaton Centre, Les Cours Mont-Royal, Place Bonaventure, Promenades des Cathédrales, Place Montreal Trust, and Place Ville-Marie;
  • 80% of all downtown office space, including the Centre de Commerce Mondial and the Tour de la Bourse;
  • Universities and colleges;
  • Restaurants and cafés;
  • Cultural and entertainment venues such as museums, movie theatres and exhibition halls, including Place des Arts, and the Palais des Congrès Convention Center;
  • Sports complexes, including the Bell Centre and the Olympic Stadium;
  • Hotels, condominium complexes, apartment buildings;
  • Transportation options, including the Montreal subway system, two commuter train stations and a regional bus terminal;
  • As well as 43 interior parking garages.

There are more than 190 exterior access points to the underground city. For residents of the L/Avenue condominium project, the Underground City can be quickly accessed through the Lucien L'Allier Metro station linked to the Bell Centre, or the Bonaventure Metro Station Peel Entrance located within the Windsor Station building.

The protected corridors which link the various underground and aboveground complexes are considered tunnels, architecturally and technically, but they are air-conditioned and have lighting as good as any building's livable space. People often use the Underground City solely as a means of getting somewhere. However, over time, architects and urban planners developed unique public squares throughout the network. These squares were designed to create a warmer, friendlier atmosphere. Various areas of the Underground City tunnels are also filled with permanent artwork. Additionally, every year during the “Art Souterrain" event, portions of the RÉSO network are turned into temporary art galleries where a multitude of artists display their work.


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